VIDEO: Climbing in Cuba

Screen-Shot-2014-01-23-at-9.00.00-PM.png February, I traveled to Cuba with Solid Rock - Climber's for Christ to climb with the local climbers on their incredible limestone. Although the weather is warm and humid, the rock is akin to that in Rodellar, Spain - amazing - tufas, stalactites, no hands rests, giant caves. Cuba is a playground, but requires some serious logistical planning. Adam Ermatinger put together this video about our time in Cuba to give some visual insight into what we found. For more travel information, visit is a wonderful place, both to visit and climb in, but remember that access here is incredibly unstable. If you do choose to plan a trip, respect the suggestions of the local climbers and farmers, who have the most up to date information on climbing access.To read more about my time in Cuba, see my past post, Viva Cuba.