The Wrath of the Alpine


This summer, I've logged more hours in the alpine than in the rest of my life combined. After visiting 14,000 feet in Colorado for the first time and spending 30 days above 15,000 feet in Peru, I returned home hoping to maintain my high altitude fitness by bouldering at the Abyss, a new area at Mt. Evans, with my boyfriend Jon Glassberg. I planned to conquer the hikes with ease and set new bouldering limits for myself while basking in the glorious Colorado sun under cloudless skies. This is about the time I woke up, and my dream world kicked me back to reality. Despite sitting 2,000 feet lower than my acclimatized point in Peru, the Colorado alpine still crushed me. The surprisingly flat, 25 minute hike to the Abyss left me gasping. Boulders beyond V4 spit me off with no mercy. And the heavens threw down hours of rain, inches of hail, and great rods of lightning. Documentation below (disclaimer to my parents, you probably won't like this).[vimeo w=830&h=466]Despite the near losses of life and punches to my ego, it's been quite a wonderful, whirlwind of a summer. I've ventured far outside of my comfort zone, met many incredible people home and abroad, and now I'm ready to finish up my last semester of school at CU. To top off all that sentimentality, I'll add that I'm looking forward to an adventurous autumn, despite the fact that my Mill Creek plans may be postponed to another season due to unruly road construction.Don't miss the Crimpfest Craggin' Classic, September 14-16 at Smith Rock. I'll be there to support CAMP, Solid Rock Climber's for Christ, and La Sportiva, so join us for clinics on Saturday, a ten hour partner comp on Sunday, and a slideshow by yours truly on Sunday night! Hope to see you all there!