Namibia's Skeleton Coast


Namibia's Skeleton Coast. AKA The Gates of Hell. AKA The Land God Made in Anger. I would actually prefer to think that God had a grand ole time making this 6,000 square mile area of land, because it's a pretty amazing place. Shipwrecks, a coastline of whale skeleton graveyards, and the weathered remains of old mine shacks stand as proof that life is tough out here in the high winds, massive sand dunes, and hectic surf. However, the giant spiders, sidewinder snakes, and scavenging jackals all seem to do just fine. Only about 800 people are permitted to visit the coastline each year, and the footprints they make in the sand are blown away moments later. Talk about pristine!I'm headed back to Namibia this week, although this time I'm joining Arjan in Aussenkehr to take part in the grape harvest. A little different scene, but I'm excited for a new experience and a break from climbing. Here's a bunch of non climbing photos for your entertainment...Claassen_Namibia-3456 Claassen_Namibia-3458 Claassen_Namibia-3526 Claassen_Namibia-3697 Claassen_Namibia-3730 Claassen_Namibia-3835 Claassen_Namibia-3911 Claassen_Namibia-3917 Claassen_Namibia-3992 Claassen_Namibia-4016 Claassen_Namibia-4086 Claassen_Namibia-4119 Claassen_Namibia-5953 Claassen_Namibia-5966 Claassen_Namibia-6246 Claassen_Namibia-6310 Claassen_Namibia-6335 Claassen_Namibia-6458 Claassen_Namibia-6501 Claassen_Namibia-6889 Claassen_Namibia-7093 Claassen_Namibia-7152 Claassen_Namibia-7290 Claassen_Namibia-7300 Claassen_Namibia-7317 Claassen_Namibia-7381 Claassen_Namibia-7479 Claassen_Namibia-7497 Claassen_Namibia-7502 Claassen_Namibia-7640 Claassen_Namibia-7652 Claassen_Namibia-7661 Claassen_Namibia-7703 Claassen_Namibia-7783