Lead Now Tour Promo


[vimeo http://www.vimeo.com/68063817 w=500&h=281]Lead Now - Tour Promo from Lead Now on Vimeo.In one week, Jon and I will be arriving in South Africa for stop one of the Lead Now Tour by Marmot. We're packing up, moving out of our homes, and ready to see what this adventure has in store. Our first non profit partner is Room to Read, which promotes literacy and girl's education by constructing libraries and classrooms and publishing reading materials in South Africa's many native languages. We're working towards raising a goal of $10,000 for Room to Read - learn more and donate HERE!80% of students in South Africa have no library. Rural schools in particular suffer from overcrowding, poor infrastructure such as collapsed ceilings and broken windows, and lack of non-textbook reading material. Diversity of language adds another layer to South Africa’s already complex educational system, with the country recognizing 11 official languages. Room to Read focuses on increasing students’ access to reading material in their native language.